Before we start let me clarify that I used to be a professional trader working for a financial institution but not anymore, so all information found here, including any ideas, opinions, views, predictions, forecasts, commentaries, suggestions, or stock picks, expressed or implied herein, are for informational, entertainment, or educational purposes only and should not be construed as personal investment advice. Trading Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Derivates, etc. represents a risk and you can lose all your money so if you trade, only risk what you can afford to lose.

Who am I and Why did I do all of this?

As usual, when I start a new pet project (like this one)…

While building a pet-project that uses nextjs, I realized that I wanted to have a fully separated monorepo package setup for nextjs and my go-to nodejs API framework express while also making express the custom server for nextjs instead of the built-in server that NextJS is bundled with.

TL;DR: Check out the code here

Before reinventing the wheel I spent quite some time looking for someone that had already done this but I found nothing, if you know of something similar leave it in the comments section so I can compare my solution to theirs.

The closest thing I knew…

Juan Francisco Calderon Zumba

Director of Engineering at Travelperk

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